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About Us

L&J Foods Company Ltd

We are on an exciting mission to provide health-conscious consumers with convenient natural food!

“I have always wondered why food goes waste and what I could do to help. Throughout my studies in chemical engineering and food science, I had wanted to find answers to these questions. For 7 years and counting, this is my cause” Etornam.

Etornam C. Tsyawo CEO LnJ Foods Company Ltd

At L&J Foods, we believe that “Good Health through Appropriate Nutrition” is among the best ways to live. This also comes by you having the right information to make decisions that actually work for you. These ideas are deeply embedded in whatever we do.

We are a natural and healthy food brand.


We work hand-in-hand with farmers in rural Eastern Buem in order to bring you the health and vitality you need through our products. As part of the ways to ensure that our products are of excellent quality, we partner with experts in agriculture to take our farmers through agricultural trainings to enhance their skills and thereby produce quality farm produce.

We also partner with financial institutions to provide financial training to our farmers to enable them track the finances of their trade better. These enhances their confidence in the work they do and we are happy to be a part of it.


  • Integrity – we uphold good moral values and practices
  • Passion – we love what we do and we it with great enthusiasm
  • Quality health – good health through appropriate nutrition is our priority
  • Learning – we learn from our customers, suppliers, employees and industry to continually improve our offerings and practices
  • Community – we are best at what we do when we work together
  • Respect – we admire everyone’s abilities

Frequently Asked

what are our customers asking about?


Given current consumer trends and how lifestyle related diseases are becoming rampant, we believe that every consumer needs to know and understand the food they eat to enable them make choices that appeal to them and also boost their health. This education is also important because we all need to take action to sustainability of our food.

How do I order?

You can contact us through any of the avenues provided on this page. But the fastest way to reach us is via WhatsApp

Do you do delivery everywhere?

No, currently we do delivery in Ghana only. However, we are open if you want to import our products into your country and become a distributor.

How different is the JALA SPICE meat mix from the chicken mix?

Each of these mixes is formulated with different herbs and spices to cater to what it is meant for and also bring out the flavor of each meat. Check our product page to read more about each spice here.

Do you work with farmers all over ghana?

No, currently, we work with farmers in Eastern Buem in the Volta Region of Ghana. We obtain raw materials from other farmers from time to time and also foster their expertise through education related to sustainability and finance.

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You have the exclusive right to know about the food you eat daily. We help you bridge this gap through well-researched and exclusive content

Jala spice

Each product you purchase supports sustainability, reduces food insecurity and assures your health and vitality